Pneumatic Siren

Pneumatic SirenThe pneumatic siren is used in systems where audible warning is critical even in the event of a power failure, to warn personnel of a fire system discharge. Siren operates from the discharge pressure of the carbon dioxide and upon discharge this pressure spins the turbine wheel inside the housing creating sound throughout most of the duration of the discharge.  If the siren is connected directly to discharge piping the connection shall be from the top of the pipe, or if connected to a pneumatic time delay cabinet refer to the pneumatic time delay cabinet data sheet for connection details.

Sound: 90 dBa @ 10’ [3.05m]
CO2 Consumption: 12 lbs/min [5.5 kg/min]

Housing: Brass
Wheel: Stainless Steel

Part Number: 990979
Approval: FM Approvals


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