3"-6" Master Selector Wafer Ball Valves for Low Pressure Fire Suppression

TOMCO2 Systems, Fire Systems 3"-6" Master Selector Wafer Ball ValveDesigned to be used in our low pressure CO2 fire suppression systems, the new FM Approved Master / Selector Wafer Ball Valve from TOMCO2 Systems are pneumatic operated valves available in 3”, 4” and 6” sizes.  These full wafer ball valves are equipped with a spring return pneumatic actuator designed to operate with CO2 pressure with rated working pressure of 720psi WOG.  The pneumatic actuators are designed to operate at 100psi with an operating pressure of 80-150psi.

The valve assemblies can be used in applications designed with or without a solenoid.  Valves that include the solenoid, operating with 0.2a at 24V DC, are designed to be energized when pneumatic pressure is directed through the valve body opening the pneumatic actuator on the master / selector valve. After the solenoid is de-energized, the solenoid valve exhausts the pressure in the pneumatic actuator and the master / selector valve closes.

Valve assemblies without the solenoid are used in conjunction with our pneumatic time delay cabinet (PTDC) and receive actuation pressure from the pneumatic time delay cabinet and close when pressure from the cabinet is exhausted.

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  • Full port ball valve
  • Valve 3-piece
  • Valve 720 psi WOG
  • Actuator 80-150 psi
  • Solenoid 0.2a at 24V DC
  • Applications: Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression

  • Body Material: Carbon Steel
  • Wafer Stem Material:
  • Actuator Material:
  • Seats: RTFE
  • Approval: FM Approval, Solenoid IP65
  • Country of Origin: Assembled in U.S.A.