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Minimize Risk of Explosion in Coal Handling

Coal System Pulverizer

Inerting fire systems are used to protect pulverizers in coal systems

TOMCO2 Systems vapor CO2 inerting fire systems are designed to create an “inert” or non-reactive environment to reduce or prevent the potential for fire or explosion during operation, start-up, or shutdown and should not be confused with fire suppression systems but are fire prevention systems.

During every stage of coal handling including storage, processing, and transportation there are risks of “hot-spots” or spontaneous combustion and explosion.  Inerting systems allow for fire prevention methods to neutralize the adverse conditions, when concentration levels of carbon dioxide rise.  The CO2 agent used in the system easily mingles, protecting the entire hazardous volume by diluting the oxygen percentage available.

We manufacture a complete line of vaporizers and CO2 low pressure and high pressure equipment to provide inerting systems to protect coal mills, generators, raw or pulverized coal silos, bunkers, filter houses, and coal ductwork as a fire prevention measure.

Features of TOMCO2 Systems Vapor Inerting CO2 Systems:

  • Fire prevention for combustible solids and powders
  • Low pressure bulk storage for large requirements and multiple use applications
  • High pressure systems available
  • Warning devices and detection available
  • Usually manual initiation and operation system reset
  • Prolonged period discharge recommended

Applications for Vapor Inerting CO2 Systems:

  • Utility Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Raw Coal Silo
  • Screw Type Conveyor System
  • Raw Open Pile
  • Fine Coal Pumps
  • Baghouse & Baghouse Hopper
  • Pet Coke Material System
  • Burning Industry
  • Pulverized Coal System
  • Filter House

Our fire systems experts are here to help. Contact us.

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