AWWA NJ 2018 Annual Conference
March 21, 2018 in Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa- Atlantic City, NJ
Mike Dirth will be presenting on "The Role of CO2 for Lead Corrosion Control" at 8:15AM
Bevtech- International Society of Beverage Technologists
April 30 - May 2, 2018 in Hyatt Regency Albuquerque- New Mexico
At the 65th Annual ISBT Bevtech find us at Booth #17
Arizon Water Conference
May 2 - May 3, 2018 in Phoenix Convention Center- Phoenix, Arizona
91st Annual AZ Water Conference and Exhibition. Mike Dirth will be presenting on "The Role of CO2 for Lead Corrosion Control Including Treatment Methods and Equipment" as well as exhibiting!

TOMCO2 Systems, Fire Systems CO2 Solutionsdownload_LPCO2manual

Low Pressure CO2 Systems

lowpressurepicCarbon dioxide, the original clean agent system, is the most common and effective non-water fire extinguishing medium. In addition to being economical and leaving no residue, CO2 is effective on a wide range of hazardous materials.

Two primary methods of CO2 storage include low pressure and high pressure CO2 systems. The custom low pressure fire suppression solutions offered by TOMCO2 Systems feature two primary methods of application, total flood or local application. Our low pressure CO2 fire suppression systems are FM approved and offer exceptional quality and workmanship. TOMCO2 Systems’ fire systems engineering team offers turn key installations including fire detection and control systems. Learn more about our fire systems service & support.

Features of TOMCO2 Systems Low Pressure CO2 Systems:

  • Store liquid CO2 at 300 psi @ 0 F
  • Insulated, refrigerated tanks from 3/4 to 60 ton
  • 1⁄2″ through 8″ master/selector valves
  • Local application nozzles protect from 2′ to 20′ above the hazard
  • Factory Mutual (FM Approved) for total flood, local application, and hose reel applications

Applications for Low Pressure CO2 Systems:

  • Power Generation
  • Steel & Aluminum Mills
  • Cement Plants
  • Ball Mills / Dust Collectors
  • Oil Storage Rooms
  • Transformer Vaults
  • Generator Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Test Cells
  • Quench Tanks
  • Printing Presses
  • Automotive Paint Storage
  • Fryers / Cooking Equipment
  • Flammable Liquids Storage
  • Switch Gear Rooms
  • UPS Rooms

Need parts for your low pressure CO2 systems, including tanks, valves, nozzles, odorizers, signs and more? Our fire suppression systems experts are here to help. Contact us.