Service & Support

TOMCO2 Systems offers a wide variety of parts, services and support for your fire suppression systems.

Engineering Services

Whether it’s fire protection for the world’s power generation and steel industry or inerting of hazardous operations, you can count on TOMCO2 Systems’ experienced fire systems staff to provide complete solutions for your fire suppression needs.

TOMCO2 Systems offers highly innovative fire suppression systems designed and calculated by our NICET Level IV Certified Engineers.

World Field Services & Technical Support

TOMCO2 Systems provides complete after-market service packages by trained factory technicians to conform to all federal, state and local codes. In addition, we can provide start-up and testing services for new and upgraded projects.


We maintain a complete inventory of every part needed for any fire suppression systems, and our experienced parts team is ready to quickly meet your fire system parts needs.

Compliance & Certifications

TOMCO2 Systems fire suppression systems have received Factory Mutual (FM) approvals, including our complete line of low pressure CO2 equipment and high pressure CO2 equipment that has been tested to the most recent addition of NFPA 12 and the FM Test Standard 5420 for CO2 Systems and FM Approval of our High Pressure Water Mist System. Finally, we are also a proud, active and long-term NFPA member.


Cutting-edge developments in CO2 fire suppression technology have always been the focus of TOMCO Systems. Building on our legendary quality and industry experience, we look forward to a long, innovative and successful future, and we hope that you will consider TOMCO2 Systems for your next fire protection project.

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