Activated Carbon Data

The activated carbon granules used in TOMCO2 Systems’ Model FS-77L and FS-90L filters are made from selected coconut shell to insure positive quality control during the manufacturing process. Virgin raw material is activated thermally in a rotary kiln steam atmosphere. By maintaining strict quality control standards, high adsorption of odors and other contaminates from the occupied air space can be achieved.

Properties Value*
Activity-CC4 (ASTM-D-3467) Minimum 60%
Apparent Density (ASTM-D-2854) Typical 0.44-0.49%**
Hardness (MIL-C-17605B) Typical 97
Moisture as packed Maximum 3%
Ash (ASTM-D-2867) Maximum 3%
Surface Area Typical m2/gr 1100-1500
Pore Volume Typical 0.50 mls/gr
Specific Heat at 15 degrees C 0.65-0.75
pH Water Extract 9.5
Mesh Size (US Screen) 4 X 8

* For General Information Only
** Typical 30 pounds per cubic foot