CO2 Combo Body Mounted Delivery Units

A drive-out unit ready for operation for bulk CO2 deliveries, with the ability to carry and deliver cylinders via ramps or automated lift rack designs.



Optional NEW automated lift cylinder compartment system for easy cylinder loading and unloading.  Available with the 2.5 ton through 3.5 ton combo delivery units. Your current combo bodies can be retrofitted with our hydraulic lift gates.

Automatic Lift Cylinder System Features include:

  • 12 volt self-contained hydraulic system
  • Cylinders remain secured during compartment movement
  • Highway safety gate
  • E track strap securing system

Features and Specifications
  • Combo mounted storage units from 4,000 lbs (1814.40 kg) to 7,500 lbs (3402 kg).
  • Storage area for high pressure cylinders with closeable gates.
  • Insulation: 4" (10.16 cm) Polyurethane.
  • Vessel material: Normalized SA612.
  • Outer jacket: .063" (0.16 cm) Aluminum.
  • Liquid level gauge: Differential Pressure.
  • Safeties: ASME approved direct spring loaded.
  • Pressure gauge: 0 - 600 PSIG with 6" (15.24 cm) dial.
  • Working pressure: 350 PSIG.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII, Division I - D.O.T. MC 331.

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