CO2 Storage Units

CO2 Storage Units are at the core of what has made TOMCO2 Systems the world leader in CO2 solutions. TOMCO2 Systems has continuously produced the most innovative, reliable and efficient CO2 equipment on the market, including horizontal CO2 tanks and vertical CO2 tanks in many sizes to meet any facility’s CO2 requirements. Whether urethane, insulated or vacuum-insulated units, the established quality of TOMCO2 Systems industrial equipment is unparalleled.

Advantages of Urethane CO2 Tanks:

  • Most economical way to store CO2.
  • Advanced jackets and sealants to ensure longer life.
  • Utilization of stainless-steel nozzles versus carbon steel nozzles.
  • Ability to utilize refrigeration for future applications.
  • More energy efficient for vapor withdrawals.
  • A necessity for loop system and cylinder filling applications.
  • Provide a way into vessels for internal cleaning.
  • Refrigerated tank eliminates the need to vent.

Pressure Vessels

At TOMCO2 Systems, we’ve designed, manufactured, installed and serviced more than 12,000 vessels to numerous code requirements around the world. This deep knowledge and experience has solidified us as the world leader in CO2 solutions.

Insulation Systems

An aluminum insulation outer jacket with outer aluminum flanged and dished heads protects the urethane from damage and moisture to extend the insulation life. Most CO2 applications require heat to maintain CO2 pressure in the storage unit during CO2 withdraws from the unit.

A TOMCO2 Systems urethane-insulated CO2 storage unit requires less energy-driven heat to maintain CO2 pressure during CO2 withdraws. With the correct amount of insulation on the pressure vessel, free energy or ambient heat leak is utilized and balanced with enough insulation for long hold times and decreased refrigeration run cycles.

Refrigeration Systems

TOMCO2 Systems innovative refrigeration technology effectively maintains stored liquid CO2 temperatures and pressures. High-flow/high-capacity evaporator coil designs installed inside vessels, high-quality materials, non-ozone-depleting refrigerants, and energy-efficient condensing units mean lower maintenance costs, lower refrigeration run cycles and decreased energy consumption.

Piping Systems

All isolation process and fill valves are constructed from stainless steel and installed on 304 sc80 pressure vessel nozzles to eliminate corrosion.


We offer options for many types of CO2 instrumentation that will communicate precise and accurate signals to your control rooms, including load cells, pressure transmitters and more. We use high-quality materials consisting of local liquid level and pressure indication.

Safety Assurance Programs

Safety is the ultimate priority in the storage of pressurized liquid CO2—and TOMCO2 Systems’ Quality Assurance Program sets the industry standard for CO2 safety. Our standard storage units are supplied with high-quality, dual-safety relief valve assemblies, economy bleeder valve assemblies for self-refrigerating in case of power outage, and audible high-pressure/low-pressure alarms.