AWWA NJ 2018 Annual Conference
March 21, 2018 in Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa- Atlantic City, NJ
Mike Dirth will be presenting on "The Role of CO2 for Lead Corrosion Control" at 8:15AM
Bevtech- International Society of Beverage Technologists
April 30 - May 2, 2018 in Hyatt Regency Albuquerque- New Mexico
At the 65th Annual ISBT Bevtech find us at Booth #17
Arizon Water Conference
May 2 - May 3, 2018 in Phoenix Convention Center- Phoenix, Arizona
91st Annual AZ Water Conference and Exhibition. Mike Dirth will be presenting on "The Role of CO2 for Lead Corrosion Control Including Treatment Methods and Equipment" as well as exhibiting!

Parts & Service

Replacement CO2 Parts

TOMCO2 Systems is a one-stop shop for all your CO2 equipment part needs. We offer an extremely comprehensive assortment of parts for all imaginable applications within the field of CO2 equipment—and we’ll gladly install these parts for you.

Need parts for fire suppression systems? Our Fire Systems team is here to help.

CO2 Refrigeration Units

TOMCO2 experts will determine which unit size and type is most appropriate for your CO2 storage system for replacing old, inefficient refrigeration units. We can also design and provide refrigeration units for custom CO2 application.

CO2 Valves

Each CO2 system is unique, so we stock a large assortment of valves in order to provide you the right part for your application. CO2 systems are not complete without a high-quality relief and/or diverter valve. TOMCO2 Systems is the worldwide leader in CO2 equipment, so we can assure you that our valves meet the highest standards of quality. TOMCO2 offers a wide variety of CO2 valves, including:

  • Relief valve
  • Diverter valve
  • Ball valve
  • Worchester valve
  • Jamesbury valve
  • Cryogenic stem valves
Pressure and Level Devices

TOMCO2 Systems offers a wide variety of Liquid Level and pressure gauges along with pressure switches for both CO2 and refrigerant systems.

Dry Ice Storage Boxes

TOMCO2 offers a wide variety of insulated dry ice storage boxes for use with dry ice pellets, discs, slices or blocks. These boxes are designed to withstand the extreme cold temperatures of dry ice while retaining the durability needed for everyday operation. Our new durable, high-quality polyethylene storage containers are designed specifically for holding and transporting dry ice or products that are required to be shipped with dry ice items that contain wet or dry ice.

Stationary or Portable CO2 Monitors

Your safety is always one of TOMCO2‘s main priorities. Since high concentrations of carbon dioxide in an enclosed space can be deadly to you or your staff, our carbon dioxide monitors help ensure that it’s safe to enter or work in areas where carbon dioxide or dry ice is used or stored. Designed especially for harsh environments, TOMCO2 Systems’ handheld device are ideal for spot checking areas and are available with or without electronic scales.

Cylinder Filling Systems

TOMCO2 Systems automated cylinder filling systems automatically stop the filling process when the desired cylinder weight is achieved.