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Industrial Water Solutions

CO2 Industrial Water Solutions

Industrial water plants are facing increasingly strict environmental regulations, including control over the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being discharged into the atmosphere. While companies are building Carbon capturing plants where the waste gases are processed into usable products, such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and CO2, what happens once the CO2 is cleaned, compressed, condensed and stored for distribution? Traditional CO2 gas pH control systems are inefficient at applying the CO2 into the water, allowing the gas to escape back into the atmosphere.

TOMCO2 Systems‘s patented PSF system is the only solution that is engineered to force the gas molecule into carbonic acid solution. This state-of-the-art system injects carbonic acid directly into the water stream where the CO2 is now sequestered as a bicarbonate, thus controlling pH.

TOMCO2 Systems has worked with hundreds of industrial facilities across the globe to install our revolutionary PSF system that automatically provides a constant pH level. Here are a few examples of how we’ve used our industrial water solutions to help clients overcome their CO2 challenges.

Chemical Industry:

  • Influent/Process water
  • Discharge pH of Wastewater
  • Boiler Blow Down

Paper and Pulp Industry:

  • Brown Stock Washing
  • Pulp Neutralization
  • Bleached Stock Washing
  • pH Control in the Wet End
  • Discharge pH of Wastewater

Steel Industry:

  • Discharge pH of Wastewater

Power Industry:

  • Influent/Process Water
  • Ash Ponds
  • Boiler Blow Down
  • Cooling Water

Concrete and Mining Industry:

  • Process Water, Influent/Process Water
  • Discharge pH of Wastewater
  • Storm Water Run-off

Learn more about our PSF or Contact us today to discuss your industrial water project.