New England Water Works Association-Spring Joint Regional Conference & Exhibition- DCU Center
April 5 in Worcester, MA
Wednesday Afternoon in the North Ballroom 2:30PM, Session 6. Please come visit and attend Mike Dirth's presentation about "The Role of Carbon Dioxide for Lead & Copper Corrosion Control".
Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America
April 10- April 13 in Washington D.C.
Booth #5901
Texas Water Convention
April 10- April 12 in Austin, Texas
Booth #1034
ACE 2017
June 14 in Philadelphia
Mike Dirth will be hosting a Roundtable Solution Session from 10:00AM-10:45AM in Booth#2855.
ACE 2017
June 11- June 14 in Philadelphia
Booth #2039
NFPA Expo 2017
June 4-7 in Boston, MA
Booth #580

Pathogen Management & Food Safety

Food SafetyTOMCO2 Systems‘ patented Pathogen/Food Safety System offers the most efficient use of hypochlorous acid (chlorine) to attack pathogens at multiple points. Approved by the USDA for online reprocessing, the solution offers excellent pH control and uses no additional chemicals that are not presently being used in the plant.

The pathogen management process begins in the pick/kill area, attacking pathogens that enter the plant from grow-out and reducing the organic

load entering the processing area. In addition to aiding the picking process, TOMCO2 Systems’ Pathogen/Food Safety System reduces cross contamination during scald and other pick locations such as EVIS/IOBW and the carcass chiller system.

Other attack points for TOMCO2 Systems’ Pathogen/Food Safety System include further processing, storage boxes, live bird cages, transport and indoor/outdoor wash downs. We maintain standards below the USDA requirements for salmonella and E. Coli as per 9-CFR-381.94 and 9-CFR-381.65, and are currently testing for future pre-chill E. Coli standards.

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